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Paint Your Own Bath Bomb KIts!

Paint Your Own Bath Bomb KIts!

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Paint Your Own Bath Bomb Kit! 

Imagine, Create, Bring your Bath Bomb to Life!

Each kit comes with blank 5-7oz bath bombs with hidden colors, paintbrush, 6 different "paints" aka mica in sunflower oil, polysorbate 80 and rubbing alcohol, additional rubbing alcohol to thin "paints" if needed and a step by step instruction card! 

1) Cover your workspace with newspaper or old towels.

2) Open your paints and stir in some rubbing alcohol (provided) to thin out the paints.

3) Dip your paintbrush into the paints and start your creative painting adventure! TIP- Mix colors to create even MORE color choices! **NEVER use water to paint on your bath bomb because it will start to active the bomb.

4) Allow painted bath bombs to dry about an hour.

5) Drop your bath bomb into your next bath and enjoy the fun colors and fizz.

The paints on the bath bombs are skin safe, but do not apply paint directly to skin (they may stain your skin). Only paint the bath bombs. DO NOT leave children unattended while painting because the paints can stain clothes and furniture.

DO NOT drink rubbing alcohol, if consumed contact poison control right away.

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