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Bathtub Tea, Rose Garden *Salt & Botanical Bath Soak! 10oz bag

Bathtub Tea, Rose Garden *Salt & Botanical Bath Soak! 10oz bag

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Ever want to relax in a bathtub and get all the benefits of a salt soak and botanical bath all in one? Then Bathtub Tea is for you!!!! Whether you are an athlete, chronic pain sufferer, or simply a bathing enthusiast, our Bathtub Tea contains a powerful blend of Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Epsom, Sea Salt, Kaolin Clay, Sodium Bicarbonate and Dried Botanicals that will help relax your mind and ease sore, overworked muscles.

Directions: Pour 3 or more Tablespoons of the bathtub tea into running bath water and relax all your worries away however if you prefer your bath without floating botanicals, you can just easily add a scoop or two into tea bags and just sit it in to your bath with you (the tea bags make for an easy cleanup too!)

-Rose Garden:  A sensual aroma of velvet rose petals, fresh oriental tea leaves, rounded out with base notes of soft musk. Sure to set a romantic mood. 
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The Gardenia Candle makes my house smell AMAZING!!!!

- Rachel Anstead -

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